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Exclusive Massage Services

Providing an exclusive approach, with over 26,000 hours, to managing the anatomical agonist / antagonist relationships.  By doing so, I create a fluid balance for your musculoskeletal system.


Deep Tissue Massage

Therapy designed to reduce inflammation and chronic pain.  Whether you are having trouble at the office or in your daily routine.  This is functional therapy for musculoskeletal balance.

Sports massage on leg

Sports Tissue Massage

This therapy is targeted to your direct sport.  Cycling, Running, Lifting, Swimming, Class exercises, Yoga, Marathon training, Triathlon training, Lacrosse, Skiing, Soccer or any other sport you may love.

Acupressure Neck Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Therapy designed to help resolve multiple ailments.  Migraines, Vertigo, Sciatic pain, bulging or herniated disc, numbness and tingling in arms hands or legs, TMJ, Hip pain etc...

Back Massage

Medical Massage

Workers Compensation Claims
Automobile Accidents
Medical Billing

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